5DD50 (discont.) - Advanced Video Content Analysis and Video Compression (discont.)

NOTE: this course is discontinued as of 2016 and is replaced by 5SH0!

As an introduction, learn theory and practice of the newest advanced video compression standards, like wavelets in JPEG2000, and MPEG-4/H.264. The main part of the course is about video content analysis.


  1. HDTV coding
    • Introduction to Wavelets and their Applications
    • JPEG-2000
    • H.264
  2. 3-D
    • 3D from Multiple Images
    • Multiple view geometry for 3D video -- Multiview coding
  3. Visual Feature Extraction
    • Color and texture analysis
    • Motion analysis

Stochastic Signal Processing, Multimedia Video Coding en Architectures.

Schedule and location: 
The lecture will be held in a condensed form of one week at the end of August. The length of each module (half day teaching) is either two or three sessions of 45 minutes.