ProMARTES Toolkit for Cycle-accurate Performance Analysis of Real-Time Distributed Systems

TitleProMARTES Toolkit for Cycle-accurate Performance Analysis of Real-Time Distributed Systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTriantafyllidis, K, Bondarev, E, de With, PHN
Conference Name Forum on Specification & Design Languages
Date Published10/2015
PublisherProceedings of the 2014 Forum on Specification & Design Languages
Conference Location14-16 October 2014, Munich, Germany
ISBN Number979-10-9227-04-7

In this paper we propose a cycle-accurate performance analysis method for real-time component-based distributed
systems. Our method is based on the following phases: (a) profiling SW components at high accuracy, (b) modeling the
obtained performance measurements in MARTE-compatible performance models, (c) composition of the system architecture,
(d) performance analysis (scheduling, simulation and network analysis) of the composed system model, (e) evaluation of the
obtained performance predictions and (f) a subsequent architecture improvement. The method has been applied to the real
world problem of 3 autonomous navigating robots with advanced sensing capabilities enabling multiple performance validation
challenges, such as SW/HW mapping, real-time requirements, data synchronization among multiple nodes. The case-study
proved that due to the low-level performance metrics we are able to obtain accurate performance predictions. Moreover, due to
the combination of analytic and simulation analysis methods, we are able to obtain both a guaranteed Worst Case Execution
Time (WCET) and a detailed execution timeline data. Thus, enhancing the advantages and eliminating the limitations that each
type of analysis method imposes. Finally, we proposed the optimal architecture out of a number of four regarding the satisfaction
of the system’s requirements, the robustness and the cost.