Hierarchical 2.5-D Scene Alignment for Change Detection With Large Viewpoint Differences

TitleHierarchical 2.5-D Scene Alignment for Change Detection With Large Viewpoint Differences
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
Authorsvan de Wouw, DWJM, Dubbelman, G, de With, PHN
JournalIEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
Date PublishedJan
Keywords2.5D scene alignment algorithm, 2D local image registration, Cameras, change detection system, Computer Vision for Transportation, feature extraction, image reconstruction, image registration, image texture, image-based texture projection, intelligent transportation systems, intelligent vehicle, mobile platforms, mobile robots, real-time systems, Roads, robot vision, Robustness, scene reconstruction, Surveillance Systems, Three-dimensional displays, Transforms, viewpoint difference

Change detection from mobile platforms is a relevant topic in the field of intelligent vehicles and has many applications, such as countering improvised explosive devices (C-IED). Existing real-time C-IED systems are not robust against large viewpoint differences, which are unavoidable under realistic operating conditions in outdoor environments. To address this, we proposes a new hierarchical 2.5-D scene-alignment algorithm. First, the 3-D ground surface of the historic scene is reconstructed by polygons, onto which historic image-based texture is projected. By estimating the 3-D transformation between historic and live camera views, the historic scene can be rendered as if seen from the live camera viewpoint. To compensate for 3-D alignment and reconstruction imperfections, local pixel-accurate registration refinement is performed in 2-D. The proposed real-time 2.5-D method thereby combines the accuracy of a 2-D local image registration with the robustness of 3-D scene alignment. It was found that the resulting change detection system detects small changes of only 18×18×9 at distances of 60 meters under large trajectory deviations of up to 2.5 meters.