Dennis van de Wouw

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Dennis van de Wouw
PhD. Candidate

In 2011 Dennis van de Wouw received his MSc degree in Electrical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Netherlands. He graduated on the topic of automatic content analysis at Cyclomedia Technology B.V. in Waardenburg, where he worked on a classification algorithm to distinguish between different traffic signs. After his study he started as an R&D engineer at ViNotion B.V., where he worked on a change detection system that aims at detecting improvised explosive devices from a moving vehicle.

In March 2013 he joined the Video Coding and Architectures group at the TU/e as a PhD student. His research is centered around depth sensing for intelligent vehicles, with a special focus on change detection as well as obstacle detection from moving vehicles. In his work Dennis has built up experience with computer vision, machine learning, change detection techniques and system integration. Furthermore, he is familiar with C++, Matlab, Python and PostgreSQL.